Species Sunday – Talking Anubias with Ray Lucas

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What’s up Gold and Silverfish people?

Dustin is on his way home today – can’t wait to see the videos from his latest adventure in Peru!

Since he’s in the air somewhere and it’s Sunday – Dustin left this weekly dose of species Sunday – Anubias – for me to share with you.

You gotta love learning from people who have been doing it for 55 years!

Ray Lucas is always mega entertaining and also was a great guy to guard my booth at the aquatic experience while I went to the bathroom or got some food “Do you shower every day? ” is the best rebuttal I have ever hear from anyone about the importance of water changes…

It was a pleasure talking to him and hearing how far the hobby has come….I know there is a big generational difference between the younger and the older hobbyists and I hope you all will appreciate some of the work and contributions people like him have done…

Check out the video here:

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