May’s Tank of the Month Adam’s 125

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I am always excited to get sent photos of sweet looking tanks. To put it nicely, I get sent a large number of tanks to take a look at, most of them don’t do much for me, but when I see one that is popping, it’s a treat.


This tank is such a treat.

Great looking, simple design with Discus.

Great looking, simple design with Discus.

Adam Carbary’s 125 with Discus is rolling.

Actually, it isn’t rolling, this is a photo of the tank before he had to tear it down. (Don’t worry, He is getting a sweet rimless to replace it)


Still I saw this tank and was hooked.  Why?  I love the Massive hard-scape commitment in middle.  I think the power of the center rock work has a really strong impact. The contour of the rock work is great and adds a nice contrast to the bright smooth colors of the discus as well.


Speaking of  discus. “How bout dem Discus”?  Looking great.  The full sized fish are grand and leave nothing to squint and look for, except the cory cats which are supposedly in there. Cory Cats or not, these Discus make the tank pop.  I can hear some people already commenting on how there are too many, Whatever. (I’ve seen Steve rock one single species, this mix is a nice change) The bright blue one takes the cake.

The foreground could be a little stronger but it isn’t bad. (I know from talking to Adam that there were a few things going on with this tank recently, we have all been there…)


Here is what Adam has to say about it….


My tank is 125 gallons and has been running as it sits for 5 months. My lights are a 72″ Odyssea 320 watts with 6500K and 10,000K bulbs, filter is a Fluval FX5, heaters are 250 watt Cobalt thermal heater and 2 marine land heaters maintaining 86 degrees. I have dirt as my substrate capped with Lapis Lazule sand. My plants consist of Amazon swords I bought from you 2.5 years ago along with dwarf sag, crinum calamistratum, red wendtii crypts, and bacopa. I have 28 discus of different varieties along with one sterbai Cory cat (my other 4 didn’t make the move).

Great tank Adam!

Feel free to leave a comment for Adam about this tank of the month!

Tank on!



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