April’s Tank of the Month. Sally Schuck’s 150

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Great example of an easy planted aquarium with dirt as the substrate
Great example of an easy planted aquarium with dirt as the substrate

It brings me great pleasure to share this wonderful tank from Sally Schuck.

On a personal level for me, Sally has both been a great supporter of my own work and a great customer.  It was great to meet someone who has ordered so many plants from me in person at the Newport Aquarium Event.    I was in a rush to setup 4 tanks in 90 minutes before the show. I looked out the window and finally got to see Sally in person (along with several other people who had come)— I got chocked up pretty badly.

I’d like to both share my thoughts and hear yours in the comments.  As you can see from the photo, the plant growth is great and lush.     The swords and the dwarf sag are all very healthy looking and seem to be growing and sending off runners.

I have spoken to Sally several times about this tank and about one plant in particular.  The Crypt Usteriana.   This is one of my favorite aquarium plants and I can tell you that this photo doesn’t do this plant justice. (it is the big green crinkly leafed plant to the left of the filter output that reaches the surface.)    This Crypt is meant to be seen in motion so one can appreciate the fact that the back side of it’s leaves are completely pink and make an amazing flowing contrast in the tank.    I am also envious of the fact that she is growing my favorite plants BETTER THAN I AM!   Again- this plant isn’t being served justice in this photo as it needs to be seen flowing to appreciate it’s two colored leaves.

The hardscape looks natural and it helps flow the eye in and out of the aquascape.    I like the large piece all the way to the left as almost a starting point of the hardscape.

You all know I am a fan of Angelfish and and keeping them in schools.  I also like the Rainbows and the Clown Loaches.    I will say that I am not the biggest fan of keeping Rainbows and Angels together as the fast, brute speed of Rainbows has been known to stress Angels, but if the fish aren’t unhappy, then who cares…. The Angels to Rainbow ratio seems to be good here however.

Sally asked for my opinions and things to improve this tank.  Again. This tank is awesome but since she asked I will share.

( NOTE:  What YOU like in YOUR TANK is all that matters. Don’t ever forget this. My opinion is just my opinion, Your tank is for you– not me or anyone else

The first thing I would change is the location of the heater and filter return.  With plants that big, there is no reason to see these center stage. (I see great scapes all the time, but then they have a chrome heater smack dab in the middle of another wise great scape—a personal beef that is easily avoidable)

The shorter, center growth of the plants is great, but I feel like the right side of the tank is missing some middle ground plants. I would run some redish plants, like a ludwigia, IRS or rotala, perhaps some dark crypts. something to break up that space.

I’d go ahead and spread out the dwarf sag to the edges of the right and left, (it will fill in.  )  Maybe some darker Anubias under the big huge sword…..   Imagine if this tank had the entire bottom with that same coverage of dwarf sag that is in the middle- yikes.

This tank appears to have glass lids.  Just an idea- it would be cool to see both the below water and above water growth of a watersprite or water wisteria coming out of the top. This would also be enjoyed by the Angels.

I would tie some anubias or java fern to those pieces of wood for some darker contrast.

Here is what Sally had to say about it….

150g dirt with gravel cap
Current USA satilite planted plus lights
Fluval 4X5
6 electric blue marble angelfish
1 gold/orange big angelfish
6 tourquoise rainbows
1 large unknown pick rainbow
5 neon tetras
3 clown loaches
3 julii Corys
3 peppered corys
1 BN Pleco
Most of the plants are from you, they are 4 Xs bigger than when I started this tank
The crypt has five 3 ft long leaves
Mated pair of angels own the amazon sword of the left
And since I’ve been dosing iron, K+, liquid carbon the sword on the left has lots of red growth and the leaves are at the top of the water (this picture is 3 wks old)

This tank also really settles the LED’s over a deep tank concerns I have had.  (the clincher being the Crypt Usteriana growing like crazy.)

Great tank Sally!

Everyone please load your tanks in the gallery on here if you haven’t already and then send me a link!

Your thoughts fish tank people?

Again- Great tank!

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