Trident Java Fern

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Trident Java Fern is one of the coolest plants I have in my planted tank. I only have it in my 220 and it is growing up on log. I don't have an endless supply of it because it is rare yet people keep buying chucks of it off of me. Trident Java Fern grows just like regular Java Fern only with the Trident pattern.

Try our Potassium to bring out the green color in this beautiful Java Fern.

It likes to be cut back and grows better when you trim it a little. I reserve the right to not sell this plant and refund your money if I am running too low on it. It likes to be cut back and grows better when you trim it a little.

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Dustin Perkins
Great Quality!

Plants looked so good!

Branden Elkins
Several good pieces

I received several good rhizome pieces with several good leaves .if you're looking for a cool java fern type plant ,this makes a great choice.

Spencer Richards
Chewed up but alive

I either didn't receive this or what I did receive is badly damaged. It's lanky, yellow, and has holes all over in it like it got eaten by snails or fish. It's alive though and I'm giving it 4 stars because all other plants I've purchased here have been very healthy.

The Trident Rocks!

Got some of this Trident Java Fern from Dustin at Aquashella in August and this stuff has really taken off. Great for placing behind rock formations and in the background as it gets tall. Thanks Dustin and Josh for another great plant for my Tank!

Karen Peppe
Glad I got the Trident!

I didn't realize it was a rare plant. It's beautiful. It sways nicely in the water flow.
The order shipped super fast!

I was actually looking for a plant Josh sold to me at Reefapalooza last year. But didn't see it on the site ( it was) I dig the Trident's leaf shape. It looks cool next to my "palm tree plant " lol. I've since learned is bolbitus heudelottii.
I would buy this plant again