Trident Java Fern

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NOTE: You will receive 6 stems/leaves when you purchase 1 of these plants. You can see in the group shot with the ruler. 

Trident Java Fern is one of the coolest plants I have in my planted tank. I only had it in 220 and it is grew up on log. I don't have an endless supply of it because it is rare yet people keep buying chucks of it off of me. Trident Java Fern grows just like regular Java Fern only with the Trident pattern.

Try our Potassium to bring out the green color in this beautiful Java Fern.

It likes to be cut back and grows better when you trim it a little. I reserve the right to not sell this plant and refund your money if I am running too low on it. It likes to be cut back and grows better when you trim it a little.

 Don't Forget To Buy our Growth Juice and Iron Supplements for your plants!!

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Satisfied Customer

Order was received quickly. Plants arrived healthy and surprised by the size. Plants were large! Currently in quarantine but already seeing new growth.

Tom Sims
Bigger than expected!

When I buy plants online, usually I get small, immature plants—Java ferns that are just three leaves and a rhizome, etc. Not this time. These were large, mature plants in great condition. I'm really glad I bought them from here! PS please forgive the algae in my photo, it's a pitched battle

Amy Barroll
Beautiful Healthy Plants

Beautiful healthy plants! These plants are leagues better than any plants we could get in town. Dustin's plants are generously portioned, 99% snail free, quick to arrive, and arrive in perfect condition. We'll be repeat customers if we ever need any more for our aquarium!

LuAnne Coleman
Plants look awesome

Plants were much larger than I expected! And a few extra, thanks Dustin! I attached them to lava rocks and they look great in my tank. Will definitely order plants from Dustin again

Gary Jones

Huge and healthy, Dustin's seems to be getting better with every orfer