Trident Java Fern

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Trident Java Fern is one of the coolest plants I have in my planted tank. I only have it in my 220 and it is growing up on log. I don't have an endless supply of it because it is rare yet people keep buying chucks of it off of me. Trident Java Fern grows just like regular Java Fern only with the Trident pattern.

Try our Potassium to bring out the green color in this beautiful Java Fern.

It likes to be cut back and grows better when you trim it a little. I reserve the right to not sell this plant and refund your money if I am running too low on it. It likes to be cut back and grows better when you trim it a little.

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Brandon Richoux

Great quality!

Joshua Stamulis

These were wrapped in damp newspaper sealed in plastic then put in a bubble wrap envelope which was in turn added to a box which I cannot confirm may have been blessed by some important shaman figure. So packaging was good. I also received 2 plantlets that were big like it took over the back quarter of my 15 gal wide cube.

Joshua Overstreet
Always Great!

I’ve come to expect nothing less than great quality when ordering from Dustin. The plants came in excellent condition.

Lev Savitskiy
Great plant!

Came in very healthy and relatively grown up plant with TONS of babies attached to the leaves. There was enough to make a bunch that looks like a small plant now. I love this plant, but it wasn't growing in my tank well for some reason, until recently, when I stopped messing around with parameters. Can't wait for it to grow into a huge plant!

Bradley Morton
Best I’ve seen

The trident fern we received is better than any I’ve gotten form any other online retailer. We will only buy from dustins for now on