Tonina or Syngonanthus 'Belem' CRAZY Aquarium Plant (Low Ph Plant)

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ITS FIRE!! TRY IT!!!  (must have CO2 and insane lights ;)

Tonina 'Belem' Some plants I just want to keep for myself and play with.  This was one I tried and loved.  Even though it didn't love me at first....

This plants likes HIGH LIGHT. We run it as bright as we can.  It also really likes a mountain of CO2.  They say it is a LOW PH plant, but we haven't tested PH in years ;)


Currently I am keeping this plant in FULL SUN LIGHT in a shallow tank in the greenhouse. It is doing just fine there, however I can't promise it will thrive in your setup. You will need HIGH light, and good substrate. I would advise not trying this plant unless you have some experience successfully keeping plants that people consider hard to keep. THIS IS A ZERO LIABILITY PLANT- If you buy it and it dies, that is on you.

We are selling a healthy plant, however we can't be liable if it dies on you from neglect. Purchase at your own risk.

Check out our Plant Booster: Liquid Co2 to keep this guy rolling!

If you know what you are doing.....grab some, I don't know when I will be getting more in.

 It's worth trying for $5 as you aren't going to get it locally or at this price with this kinda care of how it is grown before you get it.


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Customer Reviews

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Absolutely Amazing!

Dustin included a FAT bunch of really healthy stems and they look absolutely amazing. I am extremely happy! He is the plant king

missing plants

we had an order mistaken shipped to melbourne beach fl 32951. that is my credit card billing address.we have been in touch with you about this and i thought we would have gotten some plants by now. correct shipping is terence frantz 490 arrowhead ridge rd brevard n. c. 28712 thanks terry

Hey Terry- You order all of the time- it will go out in your recent order! Thanks!
Looks great!

Nice addition to the tank. My first shot at a hard to keep plant but I'm going to root tab it up. Dosing the water and she's in my brightest lit tank, even turn the timer up an hour so it's get more light. We will see!