Taiwan Moss (Taxiphyllum Alternans)

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Golf ball sized portion

Can you guess where this moss is from?!

Taiwan moss is one of the longest flowing mosses I have found.  Unlike a Christmas or Spiky Moss. Taiwan will send of single fronds that will extend beyond the initial planting. This could provide a unique look for someone trying to create a "Tree" with driftwood.

I have found that Taiwan Moss has some of the brightest greens out of all of the moss we carry.

On a scale of 1 to 10. Taiwan Moss is a 1.5 SUPER EASY.


Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
John Pabon
More than enough

I bought 2 n I dont even know if I needed so much. 1 "golf ball" portion is enough to fill a full fish bowl.

Rebecca Crawford
Beautiful moss

This is my second time ordering. Generous amount of beautiful lush green moss and fast delivery. Beyond happy!!!!

Keith Hermanson
A little moss goes a long way

I bought 2 packs for a tree like set up. More than enough. Shipped in good shape. It stays in place in the branches very well. Didn’t need to tie it. Only had it in a few days. We’ll see how it fills out.

Samantha Smith

First off I received way more moss than I thought I was going to, which is great for what I needed.
My moss was green, happy, and is doing well in it's new home!

Michael Anderson
generous portion

First purchase and totally satisfied. I'd say double the amount I was expecting and in great shape. Had enough moss to cover a second piece of driftwood. Looking forward to seeing it thrive!