3 STEMS of Tall Narrowleaf Sagittaria (Sagittaria subulata) -TALL SAG

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Want a HARDY, grassy background plant?  Say hello to TALL SAG.

We stumbled on to this plant accidentally.  Tall Sag has a shorter cousin. "Dwarf Sag" which is the perfect beginner carpeting plant.

Well our "Dwarf Sag" grew out into TALL SAG.

This is one of our favorite grass like plants.  In fact, if you said what plant most looks like the grass on my lawn. I would say THIS PLANT. (Don't we wish our lawns would only grow short like Dwarf sag?!)

This plant greatly resembles out #1 Best Selling Background plant Jungle val (Which we now have 4 variations of val)  ONLY it's different. 

TALL SAG has a more white, lighter root structure. The leaves on Tall SAG grow a bit thinner but more dense than Jungle Val. 

Val is notorious for melting back and growing back stronger... This plant SHOULD not melt back as it has a stronger leaf structure.

It grows via runners and wil slowly work its way to where ever the light and the nutrients are greater. (Or all over if everything is equal) 

This plant likes a more nutrient rich substrate and we are proud to say we grow it in our own tubs inside of our basins in Greenhouse 2.0


Each order is two to four stems- YOU WILL GET HOOKED UP WITH A NICE CLUMP IF THE PLANT isn't perfect. We grow this out back in house...it doesn't get hardier and easier to grow for you than that.

On a scale of 1-10 this plant is a 1.5.

LIGHTING- It will take HIGHLIGHT or very low light.

Substrate: I will grow faster in a good nutrient rich substrate, though we have seen it grow in sand.

(the only reason for the .5 is that you actually have to plant it!)

It grows about 8 inches tall.

Customer Reviews

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Adam Pennington
Came in very healthy looking

Got my order all was very impressed with the health and the care that was given in shipping them

K. Zale
Perfect plant

This was perfect condition and only one little brown leaf. I removed it ,planted it ,and now it is exactly what I wanted for that space in my tank.

Thomas Stifter
Can't be beat!

I ordered as much as the website let me. Ended up ordering 6 stems of tall sag, but received at least 10 plus runners. I can't wait till there is more tall sag available for purchase. Will definitely be purchasing from again.

Matt B
BANG for your Buck!

Ordered 5 of these along with my 4 Plant Pack and was blown away to get at least twice the amount of actual plants. Great value! Looking forward to seeing these guys spread. Thanks Dustin!

Clanamor Old English Sheepdog
DFT didn’t skimp

I bought multiple individual single plants at Dustin’s sale price. They arrived with lots of roots, plenty if runners and a good amount of growth. Definitely becoming my GoTo site for quality aquatic plants.