Peacock Moss (Sweet Aquarium Moss)

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Peacock Moss has a unique look to it and is not commonly available in the aquarium hobby.

It has a triangle design to it similar to that of Christmas moss, only the formation is tighter.

This is an incredibly easy to grow moss. We grow them in their own 33 long in afternoon sun.

I recommend spreading it out and attaching it to a rock or driftwood. It will fill in.

With all mosses, the more light and more love you give them the faster they will grow for you.

You are getting a portion the size of a golf ball.

Customer Reviews

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Very Satisfied

As a beginner to planted tanks, I wanted to be sure not to tackle more than I can handle. Decided to start with moss. Very happy with what was sent, and covered some river rocks with moss, netting and zip ties. Very generous amount of moss sent and waiting to see how they'll do.

Peacock Moss

Received a nice clump of Peacock Moss that I divided into 4 pieces and stapled to my giant driftwood log. Looks great. I love the feathery appearance and the deep green color.

Beautiful moss!

The moss is gorgeous and the portion is generous. It also arrived with bonus snails. I found one bladder snail and two ramshorns in three portions of moss., so not exactly infested, just something to be prepared for if you don't welcome them. It's a live aquatic plant in healthy condition and I'm happy to have it.


Love the texture of this fern looking moss. Got it with Mini Christmas Moss to add dimension. Great portion size. Quick delivery. Thanks - you guys rock!

Great Condition

I was a little worried about the cold weather when getting it, but it came in just fine. Beautiful color and I plan to grow it out until my 55 gallon is ready. For now it's in my betta/cory tank until after Christmas when I will be attaching it to a piece of bonsai driftwood

The cories love playing in it.