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How about an AMAZING looking Aquascape made EASY?

Seiryu Stones are your answer to an amazing looking aquarium.  These Aquarium

As the late Takashi Amano said- "creating nature is the ultimate luxury."   I believe these aquarium rocks were popularized first by Mr. Amano....along with many other things in this planted aquarium hobby.

The trick to creating a natural looking aquarium is to use amazing hardscape materials. What makes up amazing hardscape materials? 

DETAILS-  Dare I say the Devil is in the details?   Awesome Aquarium Rocks!

In an aquascape we are bringing nature down into a small glass box.  The smaller scale mean that smaller rocks are going to need MORE Texture.  

These Seiryu Stones have that texture.  They have "character."  

"Can rocks have character Dustin?"  ...yes they can.

These Aquarium Rocks have all of the bumps, cracks, veins and colors you are looking for to make your aquarium look fantastic.

Design is all about YOUR personal style and creative expression in your aquarium.  Perhaps you already have a design you are rolling with and just need some small aquarium rocks. Or maybe you have a large aquarium and want some really large aquarium rocks.

We can CUSTOM MAKE YOUR Aquarium Rocks for what you are trying to achieve.  

Just put a note in the comments, "Hey guys, give me some of the larger aquarium rocks."  or "Hey - throw me some smaller pieces."  We will do what we have to do to make this happen for you.

Just a quick note. I was told personally by Oliver Knott...with my best German accent.... "Too many people put small rocks in a big tank."  "Big Tank need Big Rocks"   I then watched him put some MASSIVE rocks in a 135.

NOTE: Seiryu Stones will slightly raise your PH with the high calcium content.  With the exception of a just a few super hard to keep plants like Tonina,  this will actually be a GOOD THING for your water chemistry.  (We don't keep cardinia shrimp, so you might want to watch it with those)

You are getting 20 pounds with FREE SHIPPING!


(They don't even need rinsed!)

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