Rotala Vietnam (Fluffy Rotala!)

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 Are you already keeping some stem plants with success.  It's time to step it up.

It's time for Rotala Vietnam.

This is an awesome Fluffy Rotala.  Like most plants. (but not all) the thinner and finer the leaves, the more light and nutrients it will need. 

We have found this Rotala Vietnam really POPS with more light.  It has a killer looking red stem with lighter leaves....  Get up close on these photos my guy Andrew took of this plant. It's pretty wow.

While it doesn't NEED CO2, it will grow faster with it... I would like to see a tad more water flow in your aquarium with a plants this fluffy to keep it clean and flowing like it should with it's unique pattern.

THIS PLANT has been UNDERWATER FOR WEEKS and will THRIVE in your aquarium.

On a scale of 1-10  This plant is a 5.5 only because of it's need of a tad more light.

A good substrate never hurt a plant either :)

Customer Reviews

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Great looking plant

5 stars all the way

Just what the tank needed.

Super cool plant gives nice variety to the tank. They arrived unrooted, but they gave me many more than I was expecting so I'm a happy camper.

first time buyer very happy

I just received my purchase with a few different kinds of plants in them and I am so happy with purchase! they all look amazing!!

Very unique!

Was very skeptical about this guy. Didn't know how I was going to scape with it but I think it's giving a very unique texture. Has a reddish stem with a pine needle looking leaf. Came in very healthy and zero melt off. Dustin's team always kills it!

looks like it is surviving

looks nice and healthy and looks like it will survive