Rimless Nano Aquariums

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It's time to go Nano in a rimless.

We are pumped to be offering so many different shapes and sizes in these rimless aquariums.  Here we are with the Rimless Nano Tank.

Make sure and check out both our longer "low bow" rimless tanks and our perfectly symmetrical cube rimless aquariums

These rimless tanks have a similar shape to your standard aquarium but have- you guessed it NO Plastic Rims around them.

"Tideline aquariums are crafted by skilled fabricators and made with ultra-clear glass. Going a step above low-iron, we use automotive-grade PPG 5 glass that ensures the best clarity and highest quality. Cleanly finished seams are bonded with specialized German brand silicone.

Edges are beautifully finished with a smooth polish and beveled edges. Each aquarium is authenticated with a laser engraved Tideline logo and a leveling mat is included with each aquarium.

Whether for freshwater, planted or saltwater aquarium, the Tideline aquariums will allow you to showcase your aquarium inhabitants with superb clarity.

- Ultra-clear automotive grade glass
- High tensile strength German silicone glued seams
- Non-tempered glass
- Laser engraved 3-D logo
- Leveling mat included
- One-year manufacturer's limited warranty

And YES- For a limited time we are offering FREE SHIPPING to the Eastern Half of the United States. Draw a line down the Western boarder of Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas and Louisiana. So if you are IN one of the listed states YES- we will ship to you. 

That is as far as we are willing to ship at this time.

If you are WEST of ANY OF THESE STATES (MN, IO, MO, AR, LA)  We will not ship your aquarium. If we get an order in a state we don't ship to we will refund you what you paid for your tank and ship the rest of your order.

NOTE: We do have a most cost affective local pick up available. Email greenhouse@dustinsfishtanks.com for more information, pricing and scheduling.

Rimless Tank UNBOXING - Customer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Review
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "More than satisfied! Video speaks for itself.does come with a Matt and I was really worried it’ll come broken but I kept bothering emailing DustinsFishtanks haha but I’m confident now and the way it’s packaged.more tanks to come." -Benito G. wrote a review about Rimless Bookshelf (Long) Aquariums

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