Myriophyllum scabratum EASY Fluffy Plant

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Myriophyllum scabratum is a beautiful dark green. The leaves or fronds make an awesome fan shape. This plant is a champion for us.

It has a slightly thicker stalk and leaves than other Myriophyllums.  This plant can handle the abuse of a beginner and

We have sold a Red Myrio for awhile, which is a tad harder to keep, requiring more light. This is the EASIER version.

Trying to breed fish? Want something fluffy that fry can hide in? Something you can float at the surface or plants in the substrate?  Try this Myrio

On a scale of 1 to 10 we give this a 2 only because it hates potential heat in shipping, but it bounces right back. 

If you like this plant check out Cabomba for a similar ease of keeping and fluffy style.

Check this plant out while we have it in stock!

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Bridget Pavese

Nice and healthy plant I even got a extra one thank you Dustin, it's floating in my tank now I cannot get it to stay in my substrate but it is beautiful.

kevin ball
Hornwort substitute

Hornwort really messy, great substitute sturdy plant came FAST

Rachel Bobzin

Plants arrived looking great, and the packaging was excellent and secure. I put them in my the evening they arrived and they are still looking perfect and green after several days. I am very satisfied with my purchase!

Water Wisteria and Hornwort

I live in Colorado and happened to have an extreme cold spell right as my plants shipped. Unfortunately they did not make it through the shipping process. I contacted Dustin and he immediately reshipped my order, which arrived safely! These plants are far beyond anything I’ve seen in any pet/fish store. Very thick stems, vibrant, and lush! Would highly recommend! Picture posted is directly after placing in tank, the same day I got them (please excuse the bits floating and the murkiness). My 2 year old son LOVES it!

Winter storm

My shipment was delayed a full day due to UPS being unable to drive down my street due to 18 inches of snow.

Received plants the next day and expected a frozen dead pile, but to my surprise they were still perfectly fine. My 5th purchase from Dustin’s Fishtanks and every time everything arrives as described