Myriophyllum elatinoides (Easy Foxtail)

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Myriophyllum elatinoides is a beautiful medium green with red tips. The leaves or fronds make an awesome fan shape.

This fluffy plant would add lots of contrast to your tank.

THIS IS A FAST GROWING Aquarium plant.   Think of this plant like mix between a Cabomba and Hornwort.

On a scale of 1- 10.  1 being grow it in your Toilet. 10 being...dead in the bag.

This is a 2.

This plant can handle lower light conditions and does NOT need CO2.

This is a Background plant and would be great for breeding fish as a spawning mop for rainbows or a great hiding spot for baby fry.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Great addition

Ordered three and all of them were gorgeous and healthy, and they arrived quickly too! Love how they look in my aquarium; I’ll definitely be ordering from Dustin’s again :)

If you like movement in your water flow these are for you

Looks great, can’t wait til they grow out a little taller and bushier in the background of my rainbow fish tank. Love the wispy soft motion in the flow of my water

New species

Using the plant as a centerpiece with four ferns surrounding it. Looks good.

Fancy Frozen FOXTAIL

Despite my order showing up frozen due to, you know...Wisconsin winter... the Foxtail that showed up is vibrant, healthy and looking amazing in my 55. You get what you pay for and the product you get from DFTs may not be the cheapest but the quality is well worth the price difference.

Thanks DFTs.

Really awesome plants

I was very impressed with my order. The plants look amazingly healthy and are huge. Did not disappoint for sure. For the best plants I only order from Dustin's fishtanks.