Manzanita Driftwood (Perfect Aquarium Driftwood)

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I am proud to be selling some really sweet driftwood these days. This is Manzanita Driftwood, picked by the planted tank master himself, Mr. Tom Barr. (This is important as he both knows what can go in a tank, and has a great eye for design.) The pieces I am selling are all different. What you are getting will be able to fit into a 14 x 12 x 3 inch USPS box. NOTE: Cutting this driftwood and fitting them in a box is labor intensive, including cutting up my arms. I have no liability if it comes in slightly damaged as we can't control the abuse they might get in shipping.

I PICK OUT THE PIECES. But don't worry- Not ONE person out of over 60 people who got some of this wood from me already complained about either the character of the piece OR the condition it was in when it arrived through shipping. Look- "the hardscape, is the hard part" These pieces of drift wood make your tank look sweet with very little aquascaping skills. GET ONE- They won't last.

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