Ludwigia sedioides (Mosaic Floating Aquarium Plant)

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This plant is truly THE mosaic plant. Its leaves resemble mosaic tiles where it receives its name. 

YOU WILL RECEIVE ONE TO TWO BAREROOT STEMS! *no media- just a rubber band together*

NOTE: If you are in a southern state check your states info if this plant is legal (CA, FL, AZ especially)

STOP- THIS PLANT SUCKS TO SHIP IN THE SUMMER TIME. You might get something with ALL of the leaves falling off and looking like ONE RED STEM that "Used to be something." 

You can see in the photos- the leaves are the size of pencil erasers-- with minimal stem connecting them. The leave might fall off in shipping, BUT THEY WILL GROW BACK. Just FLOAT THEM UNDER HIGH LIGHT. You can see the video of how we growth them.

We have had no problem with this plant, even leaving it barerooted, though it receives a solid amount of light. It is a ludwigia, which in our experience, is a generally easy genus of plants to care for.

Perfect plant for pond tanks or ponds in general, but likely will not survive the winter, though our experience hasn't gotten us this far yet! We've been told not to let the pH exceed 9, but if you have a PH of 9 you might have other major issues.

This plant would be great in a rimless or top view down aquarium...

We've also had them in water at about 50 degrees with no issue, but not for extended periods.

Customer Reviews

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Jason Robertson
First time buyer

First time buyer. Heard good things through aquarium co-op so I tried themosaic ludwigia. The plants arrived pretty beat up. Ludwigia is brittle anyway but I planted anyway. Informed customer service. They agreed the plants were a little rough. Customer service was pretty quick and did a great job. Btw. Long story short. The plants are rebounding nicely except one. I will buy from Dustin's fish tanks again. Just disappointed in how the plants looked when I got them.

Sally G
Nice Plant

This is a delicate plant that has a nice structure. It arrived fine.

Garrett Westover

Waited a week or so to write this: Looks great, I got it hoping my Dwarf Gouramis would start a bubble lest, and they are interested but hesitant... The plant itself is awesome, and quickly started reforming the Mosaic look Dustin mentions.

Cheng Vang
Mosaic plant

Loved the mosaic plant i received. Thanks

Robert McCurdy

I love the plants and it has been a few days and they are making the tank pop can't wait until they really get going. And my fish, shrimp and crab love it.