Ludwigia "Triple Red" Easy RED aquarium plant

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The Ludwigia palustris "Triple Red" looks like it sounds. Also called 'super red' A almost purplish burgundy color on top of the leaves while the bottoms are almost pink. All attached to a crimson red stem.

Despite it's Popping Red Color. it is NOT THAT HARD TO KEEP.  This is similar to the classic Ludwigia Repens, only this variant has been crossed and propagated to be RED.... TRIPLE RED.

If you are keeping beginner plants alive, try this beautiful blood red bad girl of a plant out :) 

The more light you give it the more red it will stay, but it does not require a ton of light to keep it's red color.

The "Triple Red" will leave you wanting more! Buy them while we have them!

Customer Reviews

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Efstratios Akras
Excellent red plant

I have the Ludwigia palustris in my tank already I just had some open spots I want to cover so l order this plant this is more red than the ones I already have in my tank A+ to Dustin

Marissa Flake
Love them

They arrived in perfect condition and are a beautiful addition to my tank

Bennett Boulware
Great plants

I got a lot of long stems with the plant (maybe 7 with a length of around 7 inches). They all looked really healthy upon arrival (it was summer in the south and I did order an ice pack just to be safe).

William Circelli
Nice plant!

Plants arrived in great condition. Nice quantity and look great in my tank.

Laura Robinson

My order arrived in perfect condition and the plants look great!