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AS of 5.12 these are about 5-7 inches long. ASK FOR FREE WIRE TO TIE THEM DOWN.

Microsorum pteropus is one of the plants that we highly recommend for beginners. You can keep Java Fern in a variety of conditions and it can handle some abuse. We have Java Fern for sale because we want you to buy plants that you are going to have success with. Java Fern is one such plant. Java Fern is a tough plant with thick leaves and a hardy rhizome. Its so tough that people have even been able to keep it with Cichlids, which are known to typically destroy aquarium plants.

Not Java Fern. You can tie Java Fern to rocks or driftwood with some black thread, or you can just stick the rhizome down in to some crack of the driftwood. In the wild it grows out the side of rock faces and thrives during raining season. Then it all but dries up and come back the next major rain. Super Hardy. We sell the Java Fern portion you see pictured for $10. You can break it up, trim it back and make it spread out all over your tank. Try some Java Fern if you are just starting out or want a plant that is tough to kill.

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Customer Reviews

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Jonathan Gelman
Overall happy

My java fern showed up healthy and looking good. Only thing I was disappointed with was it showed up in 18 pieces with 2 or 3 leaves each. I ordered 4 and was hoping for more like what was pictured. I know it will grow just a bit of a let down. All other plants I ordered were perfect.

Kelli Gilliatt

No sooner did I order, I got notification it shipped! Arrived in perfect condition and had great roots on each stem.
Looks great!

Mike Browning
Happy as H-LL

Once again Dustin came through with healthy plants but also more than I expected


Java fern yesssss

You did it again. I can’t believe how many beautifully green plants you sent me in only one order!?! Why would anyone go anywhere else. Top notch. Thanks!!

Jeffry Coleman
Great product

Healthy plants an a good amount of them.