Java Fern Large, Small, & Long Leaf

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Microsorum pteropus is one of the plants that we highly recommend for beginners. You can keep Java Fern in a variety of conditions and it can handle some abuse. We have Java Fern for sale because we want you to buy plants that you are going to have success with. Java Fern is one such plant. Java Fern is a tough plant with thick leaves and a hardy rhizome. Its so tough that people have even been able to keep it with Cichlids, which are known to typically destroy aquarium plants.

Not Java Fern. You can tie Java Fern to rocks or driftwood with some black thread, or you can just stick the rhizome down in to some crack of the driftwood. In the wild it grows out the side of rock faces and thrives during raining season. Then it all but dries up and come back the next major rain. Super Hardy. We sell the Java Fern portion you see pictured for $10. You can break it up, trim it back and make it spread out all over your tank. Try some Java Fern if you are just starting out or want a plant that is tough to kill.

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Makenzie Sides
Love these

They go great in my tank

Small Glitch but Great Results

So when everything goes good, its easy, My order had an issue and part of it was omitted, I emailed to follow up and this is were a business is successful or not, Dustin jumped on the issue, apologized and fixed it. No excuses or anything else just was great at making it right. Thank you!
The plants so far look amazing and hopefully I do the right things to make this successful. I appreciate the videos of information which are very helpful. Once I gain confidence in keeping plants then we will go for design.

Randall Jordan

Plant looked great on arrival.

Peter chiong
Aquascaping steps

Great plants but need more foreground plants and nanas anubias petite and landscape not finish yet but a great start, thank you

Auden Crysler
Cool plants, not so cool results :(

First off, I have to say that I don't hate this website, but for some unseen reason, the plants given to me have caused a change in my aquarium that's completely negative. Before I share that story, I'd like to go over some unrelated pros and cons:

Pros of Shopping with on this site:
- Quick shipping and quality packaging, safe during the winter and summer
- A wide selection of interesting plants and equipment
- A helpful and easy to understand UI
- Free plant with my order!!! (thank you for that, the plant was really beautiful and is doing quite well)

Cons of shopping on this site:
- Algae introduction (elaboration below)
- *MIGHT NOT BE CON* The Java fern I received had rhizomes that were either extremely small or trimmed, which I was always under the impression that this is a bad thing, but there may be a reason behind why the rhizomes may have been trimmed.

So my story starts off with me buying the plants, I have a 65gal planted axolotl aquarium that gets 8 hours of light daily and I've only ever had one algae bloom towards the beginning of setup, this was green spot algae. After about 6 months, the tank seems to have balanced itself somewhat, plants grow well and shrimp and axolotl thrive, but I wanted some new plants. I introduced the plants and continued my week as usual. Today, I woke up and saw staghorn algae in my tank, something I've never seen before in any of my aquariums. The only change I can think of that I made is adding the plants, lighting has stayed the same and so have fertilizers, I've been changing water as usual (25% once a week). Luckily, I did a massive trim, and got most of it out, but the only factor I can think of is the introduction of new plants, those being Dustin's. I'm sure this isn't super common, as many people seem to be very happy, which is why I'm giving this 4 stars instead of 3 or 2, because there could be a chance that this was my fault.