Hygrophila "Araguaia"

Hygrophila "Araguaia"

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Hygrophila "Araguaia" is an intermediate aquarium plant. No Co2 required but it is suggested for faster growth.

This plant gets deep reddish/purplish leaves in the right growing conditions. A moderate lighting fixture, with plenty of nutrients available for the roots are the optimal conditions for this plant.

Contrary to the misleading Brazilian River name "Araguaia", it's unlikely this plant is from Brazil, It is likely a different version of the plant Hygrophila Lancea which originates in Hong Kong.

This plant is grows at a moderate rate and will bush out a little more rather than to grow up, making it a really solid Mid-Ground plant. A rather easy plant for any intermediate aquatic plant keeper that provides a beautiful color dynamic to any tank. 

On a scale from 1 to 10 in terms of difficulty. We give this plant a solid 5. It's a true middle of the road plant, a great test to for a beginner to see if they can start keeping harder to keep plants. 

Lighting: Moderate
Co2: Suggested (Not Required)