Hemianthus Calitrichoides "Cuba"

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Hemianthus callitrichoides "Cuba" AKA DWARF BABY TEARS. I will tell you right now, this is not a plant for 95% of people reading this. I personally can't keep this plant growing unless it is in my full sun tank and I blast it with CO2. It is my belief that this plant should only be grown with the "Dry Start Method." That is to say, it should be started ABOVE WATER. My German Suppliers says...

"Dwarf Baby Tears was discovered several years ago in a stream on the island of Cuba. Leaves just a few millimeters wide make this Hemianthus the smallest aquarium plant in the world. It is highly adaptable plant in terms of water conditions, but it is important to provide good light and CO2 supply.

Plants that grow above the waterline can be divided into small pieces and planted. In a few weeks you will have a dense foreground carpet. Aquarium designs combining these plants with all kinds of rockwork appear both ornamental and natural. If you have a dialed in CO2 system and great lighting- this plant is for you. (if you get it and it dies in your tank- don't come crying to me about it...I'm not nuts about this plant unless you have the right setup.)