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Goldfish Planted Combo

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Got Goldfish? Want to put some aquarium plants in with Goldfish? The G.P.C. (Goldfish Planted Combo) is the planted tank combo for you. You can't keep many plants in with Goldfish, they are just born to eat and eat and eat whatever they can. But you can keep some plants in with your Goldies....

Here's the deal.... As Goldfish are super eaters, you have to give them some plants to occupy them. The best way I have found to keep Goldfish occupied is with Duckweed. Yes- Lots and lots of Duckweed. Duckweed is also really super good for your Goldfish as well. When I had a sick Bubble Eye Goldfish, I put him in a 55 alone and fed him a ton of Duckweed and he got better very quickly.

The ultimate goal is to get so much Duckweed rolling in the tank that it will grow at a faster rate than the Goldfish can eat it. At this point, when it gets to be too much in the tank, you can just scoop out the extra. But you aren't in it just for some Duckweed to feed your fish, you want your tank looking good as well. Don't kid yourself and think you are going to get all kinds of fancy and exotic plants in there, you aren't. I have watched goldfish devour many of the species forsale on this site...but there are some that work just great. I have found that plants that have thicker leaves and that must taste bad work the best.

Plants like Anubias work well in a Goldfish tank. Anubias has thick leaves and isn't as easy to chew on as some other plants. That isn't to say that your Goldfish aren't going to try to eat it. They will, but they will most likely not enjoy trying to bite through the rubber like leaves that Anubias has. One other plant that I have seen do well in a Goldfish tank is Java Fern. Java Fern is another super hard to kill plant that Goldfish just don't seem to enjoy eating. My guess, (though I haven't personally had a bite of it) is that it probably just doesn't taste good. Java Fern also has some what tougher leaves on it like Anubias.

Java fern can grow under lower light conditions which is what you will probably have with the Duckweed covering the surface of your tank, reducing the light that gets through. What I like about both Anubia and Java fern is that you can tie them pretty tightly to a rock or a piece of driftwood. You are going to want to do this as it will make it much harder, (though not impossible) for a goldfish to rip it up or eat it.

Here's what you get in a Goldfish Combo. You get.... -20 Leaves of Anubias Nana -5 leaves of Anubias Barteri -15 leaves of Java Fern and one big scoop of Duckweed to occupy your Goldfish. We also throw in about 10 feet of black thread to tie everything down to where you want it to go. All of this for 59$

NOTE: We don't guarantee that your Goldfish won't eat or try to eat these plants, but these are what we have seen make it in a Goldfish tank.

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