Eriocaulon setaceum

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I simply had to try it...

Eriocaulons are NOT easy plants to keep. I have been told this plant likes extremely high light and a slightly lower ph.  That said, I am keeping it at 7 just fine. 

I have been pounding the "Plant Booster Growth Juice" on this bad boy under one of my Standard Double LED's.  This plant is sitting 3 inches max from the light fixture.  You can see from the photos that it is responding well.

 This plant has fine delicate leaves and should be treated with a high level of attention as far as fertilization is concerned.

If you are in to this fine leaf style, you should check out the Tonina Belem we have rolling right now as well. 

Grab some Eriocaulon setaceum now for one of the craziest looking plants you've ever kept.

NOTE: This is a ZERO Liability plant. We will send you a good looking plant. If something happens in the mail that is one thing, we need photos within 3 hours of when it is delivered.  If this plant dies because of your lack of experience that is on you.