Eichhornia Diversifolia

  • $14.95

This is a no joke stem Plant. For experienced plant keepers ONLY!!!! DO NOT BUY THIS PLANT UNLESS YOU ARE CONFIDENT YOU CAN KEEP IT. This is a High Tech plant. Beautiful for anyone trying to make a professional aquascape.

This plant grows fast in the right environment. Loves a lot of Nitrates and Co2. Will need plenty of Fertilizer Supplementation to keep this plant happy. Prefers a lower PH as well. So keep that in mind!

This is an amazing plant to pair with Tonina Belem. Using it for the Midground or Background of any High Tech Aquarium. It has a lot of the same needs Tonina has. Making them ideal partners!

Note that we ARE sending you a healthy plant and if it dies and we don't receive a picture within 2 hours of receiving it. We will not be held Liable. This is a no joke plant.