Dustin's Fishtank Hoodies

  • $49.95

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Not sure why I didn't make these sooner. Here they are. Dustin's Fishtank's Hooded Sweatshirts.

Look- Who doesn't like a nice warm hoodie? They are essential for chilling out.

I'm not just selling the cheapest hoodie I could get my hands on to make a quick buck. These are quality- I made the guy making these get in a sample and I drove across town to try on the shirts before he started printing them. I tried one on, the quality is great. They are Gildan 50/50 cotton polyester so they won't shrink much.

I've got them in ALL KINDS OF COLORS HERE on TEE-Spring! (CLICK HERE for other colors)

Large, X-large and XXL. Supplies are Limited Put what size you want in the comments on your order. Thanks for your support. TANK ON! D