Dustin's Dirt

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This is my recipe. This is exactly what I use. I mix this out in my back yard on a huge tarp, adding all of my ingredients that will MAKE YOUR PLANTS GROW LIKE CRAZY. I will help, hands on with you as you convert to dirt. You won't go back. $24. is for 5 LBs of Dustin's Dirt.

This price includes the shipping cost of sending 5 lbs ANYWHERE in the USA. One bag will work perfectly for a 10 gallon tank. Dirt must be covered with one inch of gravel. Just pour this bag of Dustin Dirt on the bottom of a bare tank.


Take enough REGULAR gravel to nicely cover it with an inch over the dirt. SLOWLY pour water in the aquarium. (Slow- like, as slow as you pee) Drain the tank and refill it a few times until the water is clear and plant away!

Welcome to a whole new level with your planted tank.

NOTE: this is just the dirt- this does not include the gravel you will need over top of it.

Dustin's Dirt