Done for You 75 Gallon "Just Add Water" Planted Aquarium Packages

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So you have an empty 75 eh? Congratulations. There is a reason I have 1, 2, 3, 4-- Yep FOUR 75 Gallon Planted tanks setup. The width and the depth of the 75 gallon is tough to beat. Four foot tanks are great and give you all kinds of room to build a great aquascape and use some really killer hardscapes as well.

But this is a "Just Add Water" Planted Aquarium I am excited to be doing it for you! Yep, I own 4 of these tanks so we can go a bunch of different directions. As I mentioned before- The biggest thing with a 75 (or larger aquariums) is getting the driftwood and hardscape nailed down. With this 75 gallon "Just Add Water" planted aquarium package- You get the best driftwood we have.

With these packages, I typically order a massive box of driftwood in and select only the best pieces to ship out... I've said this in videos before... the "Hardscape is the Hard Part" Well not anymore. You get the good stuff. I'll even snap a photo of what I am thinking and shoot it over to you with some other options to pick from. But you have get the substrate going right as well. Not to worry, with this package you also get ALL of the gravel and dirt you need to have a great foundation for a well fed planted aquarium....

Setting up a planted aquarium using dirt can be a real disaster and muddy disappointment if you don't know what you are doing and use the wrong amount of ingredients from the start. With this package- you get the proper amount of substrate with both the dirt and the gravel cap to go over it. (I've seen way too many people mess this up with the wrong proportions) Not only do you get the proper amounts of both dirt and substrate, you get the secret ingredients that I use in my tanks all included. No need to go out and hunt them all down or buy the wrong stuff.

To make thing even easier, you also get detailed instructions on how to put it all together so that you don’t make a mess of your tank. I include the full -- Dirted Tank DVD that shows you how to put together the exact materials you get, THE RIGHT WAY. — Just do what I do in the video and you can’t go wrong. You also get a HARD COPY of my instant classic "Dirted Tank Guide" Basically, as long as you follow instructions on both the DVD and the guide you can't go wrong. But you might not want to search though all of that for the answers. NOT A PROBLEM.

What I typically do with these packages is setup a time to speak with you about everything you have going on and answer your questions as you have them over the phone. The nice thing is that we live in a world where it is easier than ever to share photos or even videos, so we can get this cranking for you every step of the way. I'll personally make sure your tank is ready to go BEFORE we send you any plants. - Yep, 75 gallon tank is too big to take chances with from the start, so I'll make sure your setup is rolling great BEFORE we send out plants. Remember, our goal is to keep you from wasting, Money- Time and Energy. I'll look at pics of your aquarium and talk with you about where you are in the process, THEN send you a round of plants.

Here's the nice part. After you have the HARD COPY of the Dirted Tank Guide in your hands awhile. You will know more about what you want in your tank. This happens all the time, people say they just want me to pick out the plants, but once they dig in a little bit, they say, "Ok I want this, this and this..." Or people tell me they have a few certain "Must have plants" then I work around those... Every package I send out is different can tailored around the wants, needs and skill level of the owner but here is an example of one package I sent out a bit ago. 1 Massive Amazon Sword 50 pieces of Dwarf Sag 1 Giant Crinum Calamistratum 3 Red Tiger Lotus a 6 inch by 6 inch mat of regular baby tears. 30 stems of Jungle Val and a bunch of Java fern for their driftwood.

AGAIN- Every "Just Add Water" Planted Aquarium package is different... Drop me a line where it says, "Make Product Inquiry" in green if you have a question about getting a custom job on your 75 gallon tank.

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