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Done for You 55 Gallon "Just Add Water Complete Aquarium Package

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Got a 55 gallon sitting around empty? Want it to look amazing but not sure how to make it happen?

This 55 gallon, "Just Add Water" Planted Aquarium Package has your problems solved. Look- A good looking 4 foot tank is an impressive, encompassing sight. This package is made specifically with that in mind. Why waste both your time and your money on the wrong stuff to put in your empty 55 gallon. You'll spend a bunch of time and energy on a tank that in a few short weeks will end up as a four foot long eye sore that you wish you hadn't even started. Why deal with all of the hassle and guessing from the start.

Why put good money at a bad setup?

This "Just add water" complete planted aquarium package comes with EVERYTHING you need to have a great looking aquarium from the start. Don't worry about what kind of substrate to use, we've got you covered and include it in this package. Note: Packaging and shipping you all of these goodies isn't exactly like mailing in your water bill with a forever stamp on a tiny envelope for 39 cents, but we have you covered. The shipping is included in the cost of this package. It isn't just the Substrate we are sending you. I am also including HOW TO do it all when it shows up. I've included my Dirted Tank DVD with this package which shows you the 5 step process of how to do it. Better yet though- you get then exact amounts of all of the ingredients already included.

I am known for my Dirted Tanks. You get everything from my recipe for a killer planted aquarium included. You get the right clay and..... the right amount of it. You all get my other secret ingredients with the proper portions as well. I've also included a mountain of the right gravel to cover it all up. This is typically recycled straight out of one of my tanks so you won't have to waste your time doing much rinsing. Want an eye grabbing piece of driftwood? You might notice that I don't sell them on my site.... But I do provide them in this kit to you. Let's be honest here folks, good driftwood is hard to find. I've got you covered with some thing out of my personal secret supply. Better yet still we talk prior about this setup so I can get a feel for what your style is and work around that. The old, "Dude- I want it to look like this" routine. What about plants? Seriously? I've got a 12 x 24 greenhouse gushing with plant for your complete 55 gallon planted aquarium setup. You don't have to worry about plants.

The best way to go is work around your style. Lots of people just say, "Dude- Just do it however looks sweet" That's easier on me, but it helps to have a quick conversation or email dialog prior to shipping it out. We like to know what kind of lighting, experience and fish you are going after so we can work around that. Did I mention that anyone who gets a one of these combos get my best goodies the night I bag up your order? Yep. It's true. (You are spending the money for a killer package and will be treated as such) This is a two step process. The first step is some great, hard to kill aquarium plants. We go in with the hardy stuff from the beginning. This first wave comes with a map of where to put everything. We design these the night we bag up your order around the specific plants you are getting.


The whole monster kit shows up at your door. There will be so many boxes that you will think it is Christmas at your place. Well guess what, it will be like Christmas when you get open up all of these goodies. Each box is numbered as to what goes first. The best way we have found is to have a set call time to walk you through the packages and get you started from the go. We will help you with making sure you get your plants in the right spots like the map shows you. You also get the call to make sure you are clear on all of the instructions we have sent.

Once everything is in the tank.....JUST ADD WATER

But we aren't done yet- Remember that whole part about putting good money at a bad setup? Yep, at this point you are only running with around half of the plant that you have paid for. Why not send them all at once? What if something is up with your tank? We would rather know from the get-go than have sent you the mother-load only have something bad happen. There is another reason for this too. After two or three weeks. We will be able to know what is doing well and what isn't. You might have everything just growing like bonkers. Or you might not. This is the time we can make some adjustments to what comes next. Also too.... You might decide you want to see more red, or you really like the look of a certain aquarium plant we already have sent you, or just a plant that you saw and think looks great and want to try.

The SECOND WAVE comes after we have had another conversation and can really fine tune what we are going after with this tank. Typically people want to try some crazier plants at this point...and that's what we will send out. We request that you show us a picture of your tank at this stage. I'll then personally mark up that photo and send it back to you with where the next wave of plants should go.

BAM- great looking Aquarium, with out all of the headache. Get ready to make that 55 gallon you have sitting in your garage into something WOW. Get our 55 Gallon "Just Add Water" complete Aquarium kit NOW. NOTE: Don't hesitate to drop us a line or shoot me a call about this package, we are here to help.