Done for You 20 Gallon -Just Add Water- Aquarium Kit

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Got a spare 20 gallon aquarium, but don't have a clue what plants to buy or how to put it together?

Let me put it all together for you with super simple instructions on exactly what goes where and when to do what. This package is made for people who want a great looking aquarium and don't want to go through the learning curve of how to do it.

You get everything you need for a Low-Tech, - Low-Work, - Just Add Water- Aquarium. Why guess at what to buy for the substrate and waste money purchasing the wrong stuff. (Do you know how many people tell me they wish they hadn't spent the money already on _X_Y_Z?) How about what kind of plants to get? Again- Why guess or buy something that will just end up melting away in your aquarium? This package come with aquarium plants that are HARD TO KILL. (If you are good we can get fancy ;)

What about where to plant everything once you do pick out your plants? Well guess what? I've got you covered there too. You see- It's all about making things EASY. My Slogan is "Planted Tanks Made Easy!" Sure- you can get all kinds of overly complicated advice on what to do, only to have the next person tell you something different right? --I know you've heard one person say one thing, then the next one say another. Why not get your instructions all included from ONE TRUSTED SOURCE? (I've got OVER 34,000 YouTube Subscribers for a reason!-- I am a professional at this)

Why not get what you need to be successful all from one spot? Look, you can probably get everything included in this kit for slightly less money, but are you really saving money when you put it together wrong and kill your fish and plants? I don't think so. Over HALF of what I sell are "Dustin's Killer Aquarium Plant Packages" Well with this. I am taking it to the next level. You not only get some really great plants you get EVERYTHING YOU NEED to have a great planted tank from the start.

This package is made for someone who has a 20 gallon aquarium sitting there but doesn't know where to start. With this "Just Add Water" Aquarium Starter Kit- You can start and finish all in one spot. Here is what you get...

  • You get enough of the right amount of both dirt and clay mixed up from the start. (no guessing)
  • You get the proper amount of substrate to put over the dirt to keep you tank from being trashed if you don't cap the dirt enough.
  • You get my secret dirt additives that you won't have to go out and hunt down.
  • You also get instructions on how to put it all together so that you don't make a mess of your tank.
  • I include a full DVD that shows you how to put together the exact materials you get, THE RIGHT WAY. Just do what I do in the video and you can't go wrong.
  • A Dirted Tank Question Guide with over 50 questions and answers on how to dirt a tank.
  • You also get a great selection of HARDY Aquarium Plants that will easily thrive in Your Aquarium.

This is a plant combo that filled with classic, hardy plants that will make a great looking aquarium from the go! Also included is a neatly, hand drawn diagram of where to place each plant on the tank. The diagram is numbered with the plants on the picture so you can place them where they will both look and grow the best. They only things this kit doesn't include is the actual aquarium, lights, filter and water. (more on this later)

I also include a "Life Line" call where we can discuss what you have going on that might have you confused. Once you get the plants I typically reach out to help regardless as our goal is to make it EASY. Don't mess around trying to find the pieces around town for a setup you aren't sure of.

Get the JUST ADD WATER KIT NOW! Note: Every tank is different but go ahead and get your order rolling. When I get, I'll give you a buzz to talk about your tank goals and objectives as well as your skill level and equipment. We will nail it from the start!

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