Cryptocoryne Wilisii

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How about a shorter growing Crypt?  This Cryptocoryne wilisii will do the trick.  It isn't as short as a Crypt Parva and would do better as a foreground to midground plants dependent on the scale of your aquarium.

Like most Crypts, don't expect this plant to do to much once you initially plant it.  Generally speaking, crypts don't like to be moved.... however.  Once say 2 to 3 weeks it will be adjusted to your aquarium and start putting off new growth.

What I like about this crypts is that it can easily handle LOW LIGHT aquariums setups.  The fun part comes in where you ramp it up a bit with MORE light and CO2.  This is when the plant really starts to look sharp. It will develope a more redish center.

Grab some Crypt Wilissi and give your foreground a nice contrast.

Customer Reviews

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Crypts are the reason

Everyone talks about the stem plants, the gangsta red, and the monster anubias. The crypts man, the crypts are the reason to buy from Dustin. Yeah, they melt. That's what crypts do. But these always grow back, and you'll never get bigger portions than you get here. EVERY time I've bought crypts from D, there's 3 or 4 plants wrapped together per portion. I even got 10 plants in one portion of crypt parva once. From that order alone I have foreground cover on 4 tanks. Believe it or not, 1 order of crypt ponterdefolia from a year ago has spread so much in my 36bowfront it choked out the dwarf sag. Don't sleep on the crypts!!!

Great plants

The crypt I ordered came with an extra and haven't melted whatsover. They look amazing and will be stocking my next tank with all of Dustin's plants!

Tons of plants

Ordered two bunches and received four. Two bunches had large plants with great roots. The other two were smaller plants with little roots, but they were free and all the plants were very healthy. Plants haven’t should any signs of melting, which hasn’t been an issue with any of the crypts I’ve gotten from DFT (probably helps being very close by with similar water chemistry). Picture shows just a few of the many happy plants I received.

excellent service

awesome health plants delivered quickly . highly recommended .