Cryptocoryne Spec. Flamingo

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I debated not even putting these crypts up on the site because I wanted them all for myself! Seriously. How cool are these crypts? Totally great coloration developed in a lab in Germany...and now I get to bring them to you on Dustin's

Oh yeah. Look- if you have never messed with tissue culture plants, you are in for a treat. They unpack as a TON of plants. They are grown for 6 weeks in a cup and do take a second to adapt in your aquarium. They take time to adjust just like plants you would get that weren't tissue culture. The thing I like about them is that unlike regular crypts - I haven't seen them melt back like other crypts do. (That's in my tanks- your tanks are different :)

Like I said- these are grown in a lab in Germany for 6 weeks. When they are gone, it could be 6 weeks until I get them again. So don't mess around. IF YOU WANT THESE PLANTS- GRAB THEM - Why not get two for only $39.95?!


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