Cryptocoryne Hudoroji. (Rare and Ruffled)

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Cryptocoryne Hudoroji.

Enter the next level of Crypt keeping with this Crypt Hudoroji.

This plant has epic ruffled leaves like an Aponogeton Boivinanus. Only its a SHORTER Crypts. 

These Crypts are crazy... there is an entire society of "Crypt keepers"  I see why...  The contrast and uniqueness of these plants is unreal. 

One side is a green color the other is red. NOTE:  We have only had these plants in for a few days as of 11-12. So you will more than likely loose a few leaves... Not to worry  They will come back and we have already seen new growth from the stems and the leaves....  (You'll be able to see this when you look at the roots of the plants which were cut, but have already started growing back. )    We have had multiple sunny days as of their arrival and the plants you will get will be even healthier than the ones shown!

These Crypts would make an amazing midground plant with the darker leaves and the shorter size.

Grabs some of these. .


Customer Reviews

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Kerri West
Very Nice!

Shipped in great shape with several stems and it's beautiful!

Frances Szymanek
Rare and beautiful plant

The Cryptocoryne Hudoroji I ordered arrived today, but not just one....there were actually 4 tucked in there altogether! I am estatic! The leaves are so ruffly and pretty on strong stems with a strong root system. They were easy to plant and look 100% healthy. Kudos to Dustin's Fishtanks.


Cryptocoryne hudoroji - Plants were large, healthy, and portions were very generous. Excellent quality. I was very satisfied. Only slight loss of leaves after 5 days.

Cryptocoryne cordata - I ordered 1 bunch and was sent 2. Each bunch contained 4 plants. This is a difficult plant to obtain. I planted these in 3 different aquariums. no melting after 5 days. Very satisfied and I will order again soon.

Evan Reed
Beautiful bullate leaves

These plants are exactly as pictured - beautiful bullate leaves with darker backsides. Nice healthy crowns with short nubs for roots. Hopefully they don't melt too bad before adjusting to my tank and creating a colony.

Erin League

Looks great, got a good amount, super healthy