Crypt Usteriana

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I have 12 large (approx. 8") Crypt Usteriana On sale for only 12.95

I would love to tell you that I know a ton about keeping Crypt Usteriana, but I don't. They aren't a fast grower, but give you an insane green and pink leaf! But if you know what you are doing there is no reason to shy away from this great Crypt. Like most Crypts, Crypt Usteriana doesn't like to be moved.

Don't expect this plant to instantly be thriving in your tank. Crypts take awhile to get established in your tank. While we have been growing them under water in our greenhouse for a few weeks- they still might melt back on you. It happens.

Give it a few weeks to get established My advise would be to make sure this Crypt Usteriana has plenty of nutrients in its substrate. Obviously I am bias to a DIRTED TANK, but if you are using root tabs, that should be ok.

These Crypt Usteriana have already started making the transition to full underwater growth as you can see from the pics below. GRAB SOME while we have them as we don't get them in very often. (They get as large as the photo with the black sharpie in it) You can also see the cool texture they have in the close up pic.

Crypt Usteriana

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