Crinum thaianum

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2-26 the plants we have left are smaller than show.

It's been awhile my friend...Mr. Crinum thainum.... This was one of the first plants that I ever got when I was back in college at Ohio University. (not Ohio State) My guy Wayne up at the now defunct "Beach house" sold it to me. Turns out it's a pretty good grower. I first kept Crinum Thaianum in a 40 tall, which was perfect.

Like ALL Crinum, Crinum Thaianum takes a second to get really rolling. Once they are rolling- they get a really nice and fast growing, long, flowing leaves that will quickly hit the surface of your tank. I am not sure which is more of an ideal background plants. These Crinum thainum or Jungle Val. (Val will give you runners faster, but doesn't look as cool as this...You decided.)

These plants aren't common and will give your tank great height in the background...pulling in all together for ya. Grab some Crinum Thaianum Now!

NOTE: As of 2.1 The photos with the yellow pen are the best representation of the Crinum Thianum we have for sale at this time. (We got them in earlier in the week and are growing them out)

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