Crinum Natans

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You will be getting a plant with slightly ragged leaves at the tips (Hey Africa is a rough place and this was a hard trip)  (How would you look after a flight from Africa to Brussels to Atlanta in a box?)

THESE PLANTS ARE around 6 inches tall.

They are a HARDY plant but are a SLOWER GROWER-  I have now had them for 2 weeks and they are healing...

but they are SOLID...RUGGED Plants and with time will be your favorite plant.....

The are like a "Baby Oak Tree" for aquariums...the best plants take time to grow...

did I mention they get huge too?


I first saw Crinum Natans at the Aquatic Gardeners convention in 2008. I instantly bought one in the auction the next day. Here's the deal with Crinum Natans. They have thick almost rubbery leaves kinda like an Anubias, only they are long and flowing. Crinum don't like to be moved, like most onion like plants, but once settled in, they get really sweet.


I have always kept them in a dirted substrate and I can tell by both their thick roots, and the growth that I have seen that they are heavy root feeders. You will want to treat this plant almost like the feeding conditions of an Amazon Sword.

My buddy Bryan grows these in just plain pool filter sand, but he does good water changes.

The plants I am selling are currently in sand over dirt substrate out in the greenhouse. They are getting blasted with sun. (the Crinum I am selling are like 5-7 inches and have half inch wide leaves)


I don't really care if I sell any of them as I want to see what 10 of them growing in full on sunlight together will look like. What makes me so excited about the plant is just how giant they get once rolling. I originally had my Crinum Natans in my upper 75 under decent light. I have since moved it to my 220 where its leaves at one point were over 4 feet long if stretched out.


Don't be afraid that it will out grow your tank, (it might but) you can cut back Crinum Natan and it will shoot off more leaves out the center of the tank, making in look even sweeter... Get one.

NOTE: If you are seeing these plant in stock you are lucky. They aren't around much.  They hate change but slowly adapt to it,  it is an honor for me to be able to provide such a magnificent plant to this hobby.

(It takes 17 hours to make a Toyota, it takes 6 months to make a Rolls Royce...this plant is a Rolls Royce....)



I would suggest Both our Growth Juice, Potassium and our Iron here.....why not?


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