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Cichlid Aquarium Plant Combo

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So you wanna put plants in with Cichlids eh? Good, let me save you some money from the start. About 80-90% of the plants that I sell WON'T work with Cichlids.

Here are the plants that will. As you have probably already seen, cichlids enjoy not only eat plants, but moving them around as well. You need to be prepared for this with rough and rugged plants that can handle this kind of abuse. Fortunately for you, my right hand man Bryan is an avid Cichlid keeper and makes sure I have such plants in stock. While the species of plants you can keep with most Cichlids is limited, we can a nice variety of those plants.

Check it out.

Our Cichlid Combo comes with 1,2,3,4....yes 5 different species of plants. In every Cichlid plant package you get. 1 piece of Anubias Nana (the classic Anubias everyone loves) (about 8 leaves on it it) 1 piece of Anubias Coffefolia (the not so common, yet sweet looking RED STEM variety. This is a darker color green leaf with a ruffled look) 1 piece of Anubia Minima (this plant has more pointy skinnier leaves than most anubias) 1 piece of Anubia Barteri (Barteri has leaves round the size of a half dollar, it is the largest of all of the anubias we stock- each piece will have about 4 or 5 big leaves on it.) 1 clump of Java Fern. (Java fern is a rugged plant that must be tied or glued to rocks or driftwood. Once its attached itself to something it will more easily handle the abuse Cichlids can dish out. You also get a really cool plant that I am shocked Cichlids don't destroy... 1 Appongeton (Bulb) (Appongetons grow from a bulb and get over a foot tall. They have unique looking leaves and must just plain taste bad to Cichlids)

If you were to purchase all of these plants individually- it would cost you OVER 65$ but this Cichlid combos is only 59$. But wait- we have TWO added bonuses for your Cichlid Combo. You also get a FREE Stem of our VINE Anubias (not a whole portion like you would purchase separately- just a starter chunk) This unique Anubias isn't available hardly anywhere I've seen. I'd love to tell you more about it, but the lady who I get it from point blank told me, "Honey- it ain't come with a birth certificate". You get a nice starter piece of it FREE. Never plant the rhizome on anubias - they'll rot. You'll do best tying them to rocks or driftwood. Here's how:

As if that isn't enough, we've also included a special treat just for your Cichlids. Yes- Cichlids like to eat plants, so why not just throw them something to is easy to snack on? Duckweed- yes duckweed, nature's natural cichlid appetizer. You get a nice scoop of duckweed thrown in with your Cichlid Combo. Let's review. You get 4 Different Species of Anubias. 1 bonus Vine Anubias 1 sweet Appongeton, 1 clump of Java fern and one scoop of duckweed.

All of this individually would cost you over 70$ Get it all for only $59.95

Hit order Now and get your Cichlid Combo. NOTE: We believe that these plant have the best shot at surviving in your Cichlid tank, but if you've got monster, hungry fish and they destroy them, we aren't responsible. * we reserve the right to substitute different types of anubias in this combo if we are out of a certain species, you might get two of one kind or another type of anubias not listed above.*

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