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I am pleased to be offering by far and away the hardiest fresh water aquarium shrimp I have ever encountered. If you are looking to start messing with shrimp there is not better one to start with than Cherry Shrimp. (If you want to get scientific they are from the Neocardina family) Cherry Shrimp can be kept in all kinda of different water conditions. They are extremely adaptable to changes in water conditions provided that the water conditions are changed SLOWLY.

Cherry shrimp are one of the easiest to keep shrimp in the hobby and are relatively inexpensive compared to other shrimp. They accept a wide range of parameters and can easily adjust to a new tank environment. If they can survive in the greenhouse, I have no doubt they can live in your tank! Cherry shrimp generally have a clear body with speckles of red. As the quality increases, the coloration of the shrimp will become increasingly red. Flip Aquatics is my supplier and always hooks up some really nice ones. What is even better than the hardiness of the Cherry shrimp is the fact of how easy they are to breed. Yep. Cherry Shrimp are prolific at reproduction. Like anything else, they need a little bit of time to get situated and comfortable, but once they are happy they will breed like crazy.

The easiest way to get the shrimp to breed is to provide them with TONS OF JAVA MOSS. Yes- The more the better with the Java Moss. Java Moss- (Or any kind of aquarium moss for that matter can) Java Moss provides a great place for the shrimp hide, but also is a great source of food as the shrimp eat the particle and microscopic organisms that live in the Java Moss. The Shrimp I am selling are about half an inch long. The reason for this is simple, the smaller shrimp adapt more easily than the larger ones. They also handle shipping better as well. NOTE: If you are heavily dosing your tank with either liquid CO2 or Potassium, you could potentially kill all of your shrimp very quickly. (Ask me about the time I pounded potassium in my 40 breeder and nuked my shrimp.... so don't do it.)

We are selling 10 Cherry shrimp in a portion. The cherry shrimp come in a ten pack and I usually include one to two extra. The reason I sell ten at a time is because I want you to have a good mix of males and females. Let’s be honest, one of the best parts of the hobby is propagating plants and breeding stuff. In no time at all, you’ll have plenty of babies to fill up your other planted tanks. Oh and don’t stress about feeding them anything special, they eat flake food, pellets, etc. They’ll eat pretty much anything you feed other fish with the exception of live foods. I’ve found that they prefer vegetable based foods though. I’m excited to hear the feedback on these shrimp. They will be shipped in either a little plastic cup with a lid or a small knotted bag. Both of which will have a few strings of a java moss or fox tail in with the shrimp.

Look- YOU ONLY NEED TO BUY CHERRY SHRIMP ONCE. Seriously. They will breed for you with very little trouble. NOTE: AS of 12-22. IF YOU ORDER THESE AND LIVE IN A FREEZING CLIMATE, WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO NOT SHIP WHEN THE WEATHER IS BELOW FREEZING. ANY DOA will be given STORE CREDIT ONLY. We must have a PHOTO OF THE SHRIMP WITHIN 2 hours of when USPS says they delivered them on your tracking number. NO PHOTO- NO CREDIT.


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