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Bucephalandra Combo

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IMG_2812The Bucephalandra Combo. Why get just one species of Bucephalandra when you can get 1,2,3,4...5 pieces. Bucephalandra comes in all kinds of funky and unique species and names. If you are looking for an EXACT SPECIES - This Bucephalandra combo is NOT for you. :) We sell a number of individual Bucephalandra Species (click here) but with this combo. We pick the 5. Here is the good news, because you are being flexible and letting us pick based on our inventory, we give you MORE BUCE. Yep- Typically we provide 10-12 leaves a clump. With this you get more because we can pick from all of our speices both instock and NOT LISTED Secret stuff. Grab a Buce COMBO NOW! NOTE: I am out of the Catherine varieties (the skinny black stuff) as of 12-16 When you get this combo it will still have 5 different types- HOOKED UP. Look at the center stem of these plants, that is the different colors you will see more of once they get rolling in your tank :)