Blyxa japonica

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Blyxa japonica.  With a name like Blyxa it has to be special.

Blyxa is on of those plants that I am "late to the party" with.  It's been popular in the hobby for many years, but we are just now comfortable selling it having kept it for over 2 months prior to releasing it on our site.

Blyxa japonica is from Japan like the name implies. It has an almost neon light green look to it.  It's leaf structure reminds me of a type of Jungle Val.  (Jungle val would be a nice easier alternative to this plant)   Unlike Jungle val, which will send off runner plants making ultimately making a "Curtain of Val"   Blyxa Japonica grows along its stem more. So Blyxa will fill in on top of its self, giving you a much thicker bushier plant.

With that said, Blyxa (like Jungle Val) has leave that will melt back quickly AND regrow back quickly... but some loss of leaves should be expected when moving from our tank to yours.

Grab some while we have it. (They are nicely rooted and rolling!)

Care Scale of 1-10: ( 1- it can grow in your toilet- 10 being nearly impossible)

Blyxa is a 6.5. It's got thinner leave that hate change.


This plant requires above average lighting to really thrive

Where to Plant: