Aquascaping Rocks!

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Want to make your tank look even more like a slice of nature that YOU created? Check out these Aquascaping Rocks

These aren't just any old rocks. These were collected from a remote location in near Asheville on my buddy Art's land. (If I told you the exact location I'd have to kill you) These Aquascaping Rocks for sale are hand selected for me and MY Aquariums. I just happen to have some extras and people have been asking me for them, so here we are. The rocks have some great texture and color that really will pop in YOUR Aquarium.

I am not one who studies minerals and I honestly can't tell you what is in them or what they are made of. Here is what I do know. They look sweet, and I have every reason to believe they are aquarium safe. I have kept them in both in a 26 gallon bowfront AND my wife's 55 gallon aquarium at work. The 26 gallon tank has been setup since November and keeps both SHRIMP and a BETTA fish. So I haven't killed anything with them. More importantly- as I mentioned, these are also the same rocks that I have in my wife's tank at her work. I am not trying to do anything to... A. Anger my wife. B. Kill the baby fish I have in there.

That said- I have zero liability if something were to happen to your tank when adding them. I have two tanks that are fine, but I can't know that contents of every rock. If you are worried, boil them first...but I didn't take this precaution. These Aquascaping rocks will look best with a more darker brown gravel as it will match better. But black and lighter colors will also do.

What you are getting is 20-25 pound of rocks that will fit into a LARGE FLAT RATE BOX. Yes- THESE are PRICED TO MOVE. As of 1-23, these have introductory pricing of around $2.99 a pound, marked down to $59 and we eat the high shipping costs! We are saying 20-25 pound but we fill these suckers up.

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