Anubias Nana Aquarium Plants on Driftwood (made in house!)

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Aquarium Plants on Driftwood.

It is a great pleasure to release these plants on driftwood as it is something we have been wanting to do in our expanded greenhouse.

There is something special about the look of a plant in its more natural state, attached to a piece of driftwood. 

These can go in ANY AQUARIUM.  If you are a total rookie or a straight up pro, it doesn't matter.  Drop them in let the roll!

We are fortunate to be able to have large amounts of plants around and multiple species to work with.

You will find Anubias Nana has been one of the best plants we have found for this. 

You will get one of the pieces shown. The group shot of 4 photos is a representative of what the pieces look like. YOU WILL GET A PIECE LIKE ONE OF THE 4 in the group photo- NOT 4 pieces. One piece.

AS OF 3.12 you will get ONE with the ROUND leaves in the MULTI SHOT PHOTO. (If you look close you can tell they are better than the first round :)

We can't promise which exact piece- but the are all look like those shown in the multi-shot photos.

Grab some of these now as these don't last.....

Customer Reviews

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The plants arrived well packaged and were all in great shape. My new go to for aquarium plants.


The anubias I received is great. The drift wood is fantastic

Perfect and more!

I received a perfect piece of driftwood with 2 healthy Anubias Nana on it. Perfect size for my Bettas 5 gallon tank.
The only thing I can say negative is mine had wet newspaper in the sealed bag, I'm guessing to keep it moist for shipping. It was difficult to remove before placing in the tank. Overall awesome product!

Love it!

Bigger and healthier than I was expecting! It is beautiful..

Great Aquarium Centerpiece

The planted driftwood is bigger and better than I expected from the sample photos! Dustin even added an extra plant because he claims it was "kinda small" LOL. The extra plant has tons of roots that I just let float in the tank and my betta loves swimming around it. Very happy with the product. Will order again.