Anubias Minima Aquarium Plants on Driftwood (made in house!)

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Aquarium Plants on Driftwood.

It is a great pleasure to release these plants on driftwood as it is something we have been wanting to do in our expanded greenhouse.

There is something special about the look of a plant in its more natural state, attached to a piece of driftwood. 

These can go in ANY AQUARIUM.  If you are a total rookie or a straight up pro, it doesn't matter.  Drop them in let the roll!

We are fortunate to be able to have large amounts of plants around and multiple species to work with.

You will find Anubias Minima has been one of the best plants we have found for this. Anubias Minima has a nice point to its leaves and looks great.

You will get one of the pieces shown. The group shot of 4 photos is a representative of what the pieces look like. YOU WILL GET A PIECE LIKE ONE OF THE 4 in the group photo- NOT 4 pieces. One piece.  THE HUGE GROUP SHOT with the Pointy Anubias Minima is what we are offering as of 3.12.21.

We can't promise which exact piece- but the are all look like those shown in the multi-shot photos.

Grab some of these while we have them... Your will be one of the HUGE MULTI SHOT PHOTO with Pointy leaves. If you want round leaves grab the Anubias Nana Trees.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Chris Haire
Awesome plant

Never disappointed.

Brenda Rohena

Loved the vivid color on the drifwood!! What a Beauty and very pleased!

Kelly Barone

This item just made my day. It’s perfect for my axolotls tank and gave her a whole new area to hang out in. Very pleased! You did it again with quality items, great packaging and exceptional customer servoce

James Glover
Great Addition

Received 3 pieces all in great shape. Nice addition to my 38 gallon aquarium.

Dale AbernathyII
Got Wood!

These little pieces really helped the look of the tank! They are actually the perfect size since the tank is divided. Love it!