Anubias Combo ( The Ultimate Anubias Aquarium Plant Package)

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How great is Anubias? It's hardy. It can handle some abuse. It doesn't take much light. Anubias is a great plant. Why not let us pick out 1,2,3,4...5 DIFFERENT Species of Anubias for you. Yes- We pick the five different Anubias.


If you want specific species of Anubias click here for a bunch of anubias varieties. We stock all kinds of Anubias and have been for awhile... Barteri, Coffeefolia, Nana , Golden Coin, Afzelli, Gigantea, Lanceolota, Nana Petites, Congensis. We pick them- you love them. Grab an ANUBIAS COMBO NOW! You can check out our complete anubias collection here: 

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Shawn Garrett
Nice Anubias.

Nice Anubias. The plants came very well packed and very healthy. They should be very good with my goldfish. I really like the fern duckweed too.


Joey V
Perfect combination

The perfect combination package was delivered and looks amazing in my tank. Not knowing what to order and what looks good together, I left it to the pros. The golden coins were my favorite! Thank you!!

Henry C.
Awesome Anubias package!

This is the second time I’ve order plants online and what a difference Dustinsfishtanks is compared to eBay.

Plants arrived within 4 days packed in a thermal bag. Each plant was healthy, long roots and lots of leaves. I was initially going to split some plants to propagate them but I didn’t have to do a thing, they filled out my tank very well!

Linda Seng

All I can say is WOW. This was my first order and I was always kept in the loop as to where my shipment was, from when I first placed the order until I received it. I am so impressed with the quality of the anubias as well. There is new growth already in the few days I've had the plants, with very little melting. Beautiful roots and leaves. I can actually cut the rhizomes and make into more plants but I don't want to mess with the perfection.

Anubias FTW!

Excellent plants! After not being able to decide what types of Anubias to order myself, I decided to let Dustin pick. Nice, healthy plants - can't beat the deal!