Ammania Gracilis (Thick RED Aquarium Plant)

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Ammania Gracilis is a hardy red aquarium plant. It's leaves are more wavy than other red plants. It also has a relatively thicker stem. Ammania will like a hard cut once it is growing taller and can be replanted down in the substrate as a new plant.

NOTE:  You will get 4 or more NICE thick stems in a bunch of FULLY CONVERTED AWESOME PLANT.  GIVE IT TIME. It will be WOW, but it is a slower converter as it has THICK strong stems.

What we are selling comes in a nice clump, but I recommend that you spread this plant out. Separate each stem and give it about a half of an inch space or more from the next stem to let it have some room to grow in. I would also recommend that you add some iron to your tank if you are looking to get more out of your RED in the Ammania Gracilis

Lighting: Needs moderate lighting to stay alive. The more lighting the better it will look.

Difficulty: I would rate Ammania a 3.5 on my 1-10 scale. 1 being it could grow in a toilet and 10 being impossible. It requires good light much like Ludwigia or other red plants. Though it's a little more susceptible to melt due to a lack of light

Quantity: 6-7 stems

Customer Reviews

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Kenneth D Dalton
Beautiful RED

The plant came in healthy and looks stunning in my tank. The Red gives a great contrast to everything else. Thanks Dustin!

Paul Kuiper

Hasn’t arrived yet

Jim Vorves
Great Looking Plant!

This one looks really nice and healthy, just like the rest!

James Gibbons
hasn't arrived

the package hasn't arrived yet. It seems like a long wait.

no roots

i had the same experience as Laurie D. last year no roots at all on the plants except in my case Dustin's never even responded to my email. at least she got a response in the comments :(

Hello. I never got an email from you.
If you are unhappy with that plant I will happily take it back and send you a return label. I don’t believe anyone in the country has something as good as us with ammania…we aren’t perfect but fix problems