Amazon Sword Aquarium Plant Package

  • $29.95

Hey Folks,

Josh here and I wanted you guys to have a complete Sword Aquarium Plant package. Covering foreground/midground/background plants that you all can use in almost any aquarium! This package is great and I'm proud to bring it to you! It will come with 6 Amazon Swords for $29.95. These are grown above water. They will come back fast! We pick the Amazon Swords. It will be our pick between
Echinodurs Latifolius - Foreground to Midground Sword

Echinodorus Parvifolius - Foreground to Midground Sword

Echinodorus Quadricostatus - Midground to Background Sword

Echinodorus Decumbens - Background Sword

Echinodorus Pointy Leaf - Background Sword

Echinodorus Amazonicus - Midground to Background sword

Echinodorus Tenellus - Foreground to Midground Sword

Echinodorus "Deep Purple Sword" - Midground to Background Sword

All of these species of swords are set up to help us choose something will give you a Foreground, Midground, and Background Sword for your aquarium!

Get this while you can for $29.95. Likely to go up soon!"

Don't Forget to grab some clay for these heavy root feeders!