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Amano Shrimp 10 OR 20Pack

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Named after the father of Aquascaping- Takashi Amano.

Amano Shrimp

are the premier algae eating shrimp for your planted aquarium. They grow larger in size than most shrimp. ...and these are nice ones. They will occasionally freely swim around, then stop and go to work on some algae. I have also noticed that they seem to enjoy each others company as well. These guys do a great job on HAIR ALGAE. I wouldn't get these if you have bigger cichlids or loaches... These are all right around an inch or more. They will be shipped with some small parts of plants to chill on. Grab up some Amano Shrimp and watch them cruise your tank! I am not sure how long these will last at this low introductory price... Proud to finally have these on my site. Get Some Amano Shrimp! Tank on!