Algae Guide

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Algae SUCKS! We have all been there. Heck- I’ve been there probably more often and with worse Algae than you!



Algae sucks. It’s demoralizing. You had your tank rolling good. It looked great and you were happy with the way it was going. Then BAM! Mr. Algae shows up and screws up your whole party. You’ve got algae covering your plants and tank in either dark fuzzy stuff, Long green hairs, green pea soup looking water or straight up bright blueish green slime that covers everything like a bad horror movie. How do I know about all of these? I’ve seen them all. I’ve caused them all and I’ve battled them all and WON. Yep. Algae can be beaten if you know what you are doing and how to do it. Algae can also get way worse if you continue doing the WRONG things.



I’ve got over 41,000 subscribers to my YouTube Channel for a reason. My videos on algae have over 100,000 views because they are HELPING PEOPLE get RID OF ALGAE. LOOK- Algae is a right of passage EVERYONE HAS HAD ALGAE- That doesn’t mean you have to live with it. ALGAE is the number one problem people face in their Aquarium. With good reason- Algae is a Monster- Heck- It even grows on Antartica (Seriously- look it up!)


This Brand New Guide will help you KILL THE ALGAE.
Check out this review from Sean Peck:
Not every Algae is the same- This guide covers ALL OF THEM. Yep- Every one of them. It’s not some “Well the “Book” says you should do XYZ when you get this Algae” You and I know that’s all BS. You want how to fix it with real life examples.
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