AIR PLANTS -Tillandsia Bulbosa Guatemala

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The following plant IS NOT AN AQUARIUM PLANT.

Yes- If you put this plant underwater for a long time it will DIE.  However, if you put them (dip them) in your aquarium water for about a half hour a day....they will THRIVE.

Welcome to your first AIR PLANT.  

These plants, "Had me at hello" when I saw them at a local greenhouse for sale. Turns out they are FANTASTIC with aquariums.   

It's simple. You grab up an Air Plant like these amazing Tillandsia Bulbosa Guatemala.  You take it home and immediately throw it into your aquarium.  Yes- you let these plants float and "Drink" before you eyes.  You are going to think I am crazy when I say this but, I can watch them grow.

Yep- soak them floating in the top of your aquarium water for about 30 minutes. (They can handle up to about an hour without any ill effects as long as they are dried out afterwards. )  Take these plants out of the water and set them where ever looks cool to you!

THAT'S IT.  Yes- Taking care of Air Plants is that easy.  Once a week (though I do it like every other day) just dip them into your aquarium and let them "drink"

They don't need a bunch of light but can handle more if you give it too them. (I have left them just on my bathroom counter which gets minimal daylight.)

These grow quickly.

What you are getting today is a 3-4 inch plant with 5 or 6 "stems" on them.

Again- These are NOT Aquarium plants. You just DIP them in your aquarium once a week.  Just

AIR PLANTS -Tillandsia Bulbosa Guatemala