What's up Folks! Josh here! I want to talk to you about my favorite plants we carry!

Hygrophila Cordata “Red” – This is the easiest red plant we sell. It’s gorgeous and any beginner could keep it. Higher lighting will bring out brighter shades of red. This plant will grow giant and tall in a matter of no time. Likes good water flow like most River plants. Will grow out of your tank if left unchecked!

Hygrophila “Compact"– A gorgeous foreground plant that grows out into small bushes. A soft pale pink color forms in moderate lighting conditions. It will still grow in low light environments though it will appear green with only hints of pink. The bushy look this plant provides while remaining extremely low adds for a great aqua-scaping feature!

Ludwegia Repens – A relatively easy red plant. Grows with elongated narrow-pointed leaves, with red coloring on the underside of the leaf. Be careful not to choke out of the bottom part of the stem of this plant. It loves high water flow and being dosed with Iron! Probably the easiest Ludwegia to grow! Definitely a great test for a tanks lighting and flow! If you can grow Ludwegia Repens. You can probably grow other Ludwegias as well!

Red Tiger Lotus – This plant grows out of a bulb. We rarely carry it in plant form. It grows a Lily like leaf. It Grows large and wide. As it Grows it loses the brightness of it’s red. These amazing plants create a great over the top view of your tank! Even if you can't see the leaves from the front, the top down view is usually really impressive. These plants get massive and grow quickly to fill their space! *FAQ* My red tiger lotus bulb hasn’t sprouted, is it dead? Red Tiger Lotus bulbs have sat in our tanks for as long as 8 months before sprouting. You can tease it out by taking a clear glass with water from your tank and setting it next to your window!

Alternanthera Reineckii “Variegated” – A gorgeous aquarium plant with pretty pink stems and leaves. This plant is also relatively easy and it’s color is perfect for adding a solid pop to your background. This plant loves good flow, decent lighting, and being trimmed back regularly. I trim them back to bush them out. This plant in particular I enjoy making bushy! It seems that's how it was supposed to look!

Myriophyllum Tubercalatum- This feathery like plant requires an intermediate plant keepers touch. The aesthetics this plant can bring to your background shouldn’t go overlooked! It beams light and dark red tones. A fast grower and one of my favorite plants to just touch. It acts as a great Background plant as well as a decent midground plant for the right tank!

Bacopa “Yellow Flame” – This plant gets it’s name for a reason. With it’s reddish underwater leaves that have hints of yellow. It truly does set any tank ablaze. This is definitely my favorite. The Burgandy Red tones in the leaves are so firm. It is by far one of our favorites in the greenhouse. The plant without any failure will be one of the centerpieces in your tank!

Rotala Rotundifolia “Red”= Undeniably Rotundifolia with it’s rounded leaf shapes. Takes on a hot pink color under intense lighting set ups. This plant can definitely be grown in a moderate set up but will not have it’s hot pink color. This isn't a very easy plant to keep. It enjoys Agitation. *Flow under your filter or pump output* Agitation helps stimulate growth specifically in this plant. It works for most plants. This plant prefers being Agitated.

Limnophila Aromaticoides “Hybrid Purple” – A difficult plant, although it is worth your time and effort. When you feed this plant Co2 and nutrients, it rewards you with it’s beautiful colors and texture. It's also a medicinal plant which is really neat. They use it as a salve for small cuts and wounds! Very interesting! Don’t miss out on these.

Echinodorus “Deep Purple” – Deep Purple Swords are the prettiest swords when they get going. They have deep red colors. I fell in love with swords watching the deep purple leaves pop out of the sand when I first started planting swords. It is easily one of the prettiest and coolest looking plants we have! They grow fairly easily anywhere. Just like any sword, they prefer a healthy substrate to feed through their roots!