Fresh Fest Live Planted Aquarium Event! March 25th

Fresh Fest Live Planted Aquarium Event!  March 25th

Fresh Fest LIVE Planted Aquarium Event!

MARCH 25TH, 2017



Doors Open at 8:30AM

Featuring Dustin of Dustin’s Fish Tanks with Guest Speaker Robert Lupton from FLIP Aquatics

501 W 6th St #100 -Lexington, KY – (859) 705-0915

It’s about that time again. It’s time for another LIVE Fishtank Tank People Event!

Yes. I have done these in the past and people loved them.  Frankly I spend much more time talking to a camera than with actual Fish Tank People!

Here is the deal.  I am pleased to be hosting a “Fish Tank People Meet up” March 25th at the always awesome West 6th Brewery here in Lexington.  Yes- My plant pals at FOOD CHAIN LEXINGTON have agreed to open their doors for us and let me tank out their place.

Here is the agenda.

8:30am- Doors Open

8:30- 9. Hang out, Drink Coffee, talk with your Fellow Fishtank People

9-9:30  Quick individual introductions. “Hello my name is John and I have a Fishtank Problem. I have 5 tanks… I keeps Angels, discus etc.”

9:30 -10:15 “Planted Tank 101”  Speaker- Me- Dustin.

  • Basic equipment, Lighting, Substrate, Filtration,
  • Special Lighting Section (Dropping Science!)
  • Maintenance
  • How to grow aquarium plants

10:15-10-30 Break

10:30- 11:15 Top 20 Species of Plants.

  • Think of this like Species Sunday on Steroids.   I’ll be passing around plants.
  • Caring needs for each plant, lighting, substrate, water types
  • Q and A

Guest Speaker… Robert Lupton from FLIP Aquatics. “How to keep freshwater shrimp”


1pm 2pm  Tour of Food Chain. with Becca Self!   Aquaponics on Steroids!

2-3 Show and Tell

  • Attendees Talk about their tanks
  • Show images, talk tanks together
  • Slide shows are encouraged

3-3:30  Round Table. 

  • Break out into groups for specific Topics.  Rob will be leading one on SHRIMP
  • Dustin’s about Aquascaping Hardscape, Look at YOUR TANKS

3:30-4:30 Aquascaping DEMO.

  • Talking Hardscape Design.
  • Soft Scape
  • Foreground Back
  • Fish Selection

4:30-5:00 Door Prize Winners, closing remarks

5. Party over.  Go Eat Dinner somewhere together

More details to come!

Admission is only $10 with prepay- $20 at the door. (Hey- I got pay for the place some how. Food Chain is a killer non-profit and worth the money!)

Yes- I will have all kinds of INSANE- Plants, Driftwood (monsters that I can’t ship) Shrimp, Snails and a whole lot more!