Ludwigia Brevipes

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*Grown Mostly Immersed. 5.27.19

This is a intermediate ludwigia to keep much like the "Ovalis". It is light demanding and nutrient loving but is a fairly easy to keep.

It doesn't require HIGH light or HIGH Fertilizer but moderate accommodations of both will give you what you want out of this plants!

Ludwigia Brevipes is a Foreground to Midground plant. It pairs extremely well with Baby Tears!
On a side note, from a detail perspective. I can honestly say this is one of the most beautiful and breath taking plants I have converted to Submerged Growth. 

This plant does not require Co2 Supplementation. This is a fast growing and aquascaping MARVEL of a plant.

 With it's narrow and pointed leaves these plants give off a really cool look that you don't get out of many ludwigias. Get yours while you can $9.95.

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